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When I say Amateur I Really mean it

This is my on-line portal of my start up and experiences taking Photos.

Welcome to my very little place on the great web. There are amateur astronomers like the late and Great Sir Patrick Moore CBE, FRS and FRAS. Then at the bottom of the esteemed list are other amateurs. Then below them there is Me. I hope you find my little site ok, and you never know you may get some inspiration on how to start this great hobby. The reason I have started this website is primary for my own observations and logs. However I have found many pitfalls so far, so hopefully you may be able to learn from my mistakes. You never know I may save you a little bit of frustration and perhaps ££.

Web Site

Please note the Blog has now been removed. I may re-instate it at a later time. The reason for removal is the scum that use it to post obscene comments and use it to send out spam emails. The hosting for this website was nearly capped because of the bandwidth used. Thanks to my hosting provider we managed to sort it out. But it has left me with the decision to abandon the blog for now. I may look at it again in the future. I hope that you find it useful, if not please drop me a line as to how I can improve it. What would you want to see. Pictures will be uploaded when I take them. I am not trying to keep up with the big boys, Nasa etc. There are plenty of websites out there you just need to search. Hopefully you will find the article about starting up useful. It may save you a bit of Earth coins in that it may prevent you buying the wrong equipment. for starting up please click the more info button below.
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